Your app is an open garden in a land of monsters.

Protect it with Forcefield.

Block threats with speed and precision.

3D checker pieces with alternating blue and red colours in front of a subtle blurry blue and red linear gradient background

Internet bots are everywhere hunting for their prey.


of all Internet traffic came from bots in 2022.


Forcefield stops them.

Lightning fast, just like your users expect.

9 ms

latency added per request

Privacy-friendly, as the web was meant to be.

0 kb

user data collected

With Invisible Shield, Forcefield leaves your human visitors unbothered without annoying CAPTCHAs or wait times.

Bots are stopped in their tracks in the background without users ever noticing.

Users icon in the center of a dashed circle of blue and red linear gradient colour

Experience Forcefield in action.

http.james 2023